He first became involved in television and audiovisual work as a child; his family founded one of the four national broadcasting channels in Uruguay. His hunger for knowledge in this field led him to drop out of university and embrace the art of filmmaking on his own. As soon as he turned 18 and after winning several recognitions  he made his way into joining the workforce on a Malaysian fiction production. After such a successful experience he joined the Telemundo work team on the west coast, producing news, entertainment and fiction. Martin is an easy going work partner, he knows the business from the inside, allowing every crew member to feel confident in their roll, firmly trusting in their talents and generating an excellent work environment. His other passions are snow boarding and surfing. These activities provide him with the peace of mind that guide him in his day to day. His proactive work skills help when handling with situations that might arise on set such as; dealing with a client or helping carry light equipment.